In the past few months Khatod unveiled one of the most advanced innovations in Wide Area Lighting:
A ready-to-use Optical System combining different lenses to perform the requested lighting beam.
The roaring success met by Nactus 101 has surpassed all expectations. The combination of cutting-edge technology with total usability , perfectly merged in one product, is one of the most appreciated peculiarities of Nactus 101. LED and Lighting designers, industry’s most respected influencers and senior decision makers from LED and lighting manufacturers, as well as end-users, have found the optical solution perfectly tailored to their lighting applications. Its name – Nactus 101 – tells that more than a hundred different layouts have been developed so far. They cover around 85% of the typical requests coming today from the market of Wide Area Lighting:
NACTUS 101 continues on the way of new-concept, ready-to-use optical modules for Wide Area Lighting developed by Khatod. Conceived for Power LEDs of latest generation, 100 l/W to 300l/W; realized in many multi-lens arrays, from 6 to 24 – 36 – 48 optics and over; more than a hundred standard configurations available from stock for any Indoor/Outdoor applications in Wide Area Lighting.
Nactus 101 has been designed taking into consideration also the opportunity for the customer to realize a particular pattern. The optics forming Nactus 101 panels are the core of the product. By acting on them while each module is injected, it is possible to customize any application.
The customer does not need to develop any further photometric analysis. That is our task , enabling us to assure our customers the most efficient and cost-effective solution.
For the first time the customer has at his disposal a lighting module made of different optics, that he can feel and use as a real single lens. However, as a lighting module provided with all the typical features and characteristics of a lighting panel, it performs a superior lighting in any application for Wide Area Lighting.
The concept is simple: in lighting, the optics are characterized by their lighting pattern on the ground which results in a specific beam. Nactus 101 will maximize that lighting beam through its optics , so creating a lighting beam of a certain power and fully configurable for the final application considered.
The high flexibility and versatility of its modular structure allow to realize countless different combinations, and make NACTUS 101 a real use-friendly product, a ready- to- use panel that fits the most diverse applications. Also, the customer is given the opportunity either to select among ready-to-use standard solutions or realize his own pattern.
While being a high-tech product, NACTUS 101 delivers the most simple design to individuals who need to engineer their own applications. NACTUS 101 gives customers the great business opportunity to use our best expertise in LEDs and our most advanced technologies in lensing.
- The optical engineering of this system assures an excellent lighting distribution in any applications.
- NACTUS 101 is realized in many different multi-lens arrays, from 6 to 24 – 36 – 48 optics and over;
more than a hundred standard layouts are available from stock.
- Designed for Power LEDs of latest generation, from 100 l/W to 300l/W.
- The board is preset with holes for the housing of sensors.
- The holes around the perimeter allow an easy installation of the module on the LED board
- IP protected, rating up to IP65, on request.
- The optics are made of PMMA and PC.
- The optics never come in contact either with the LED or with the PCB.
- The optics are UV protected and guaranteed for outdoor applications.
- Non-yellowing effect
- NACTUS 101 is suitable for any application in Wide Area Lighting:
o Street Lighting (Streets, Highways, Tunnels, etc.)
o Outdoor Lighting (Parking Areas, Petrol & Service Stations, Gardens, Pathways, Canopies, etc.)
o Indoor Lighting (Outlets & Shop Centers, Offices, Elevators, Shop Windows, etc.)
o Industrial Lighting (Warehouses, Laboratories, etc.)
- The optics comply with UL94 Specifications.
- NACTUS 101 Optical System is Patent Pending.

…And even more : Do you want to test it ? No problem!
On request, NACTUS 101 can be supplied with the PCB …you just need to plug and play it!

Khatod’s engineering team is among the most knowledgeable in the industry, able to confront the most demanding requirements in Lighting.

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