A High Refractive Index Dome Shape Lens Dispensing Silicone with self-forming applied in LED Encapsulation

Our Company's entry product is a high refractive index of 1.52 self-forming lens silicone applied to the LED package, a high viscosity thixotropic silicone elastomer. Lens structure can be directly obtained without using molding, which will not collapse at high temperature after curing. This product makes up the blank of current domestic lens-dispensing technology that is advanced and novel.
The unique nature of the product applied to the LED package is that mold is not required compared to the traditional process, so it simplifies the packaging process and greatly improves the encapsulation efficiency.
The competitive advantages of the product are as followings: First, it simplifies the packaging process and improve efficiency when used in 5050, etc. SMD package. Also it can save packaging materials and greatly reducing costs when used in COB package. And it can form dome shape lens without using molding.Secondly, the silicone itself is non-toxic, harmless and has no pollution to environment, so it increases the service life of the LED lamps. The self molding lens silicone encapsulation can significantly save raw materials and the Earth's limited resources, meeting the concept of green environmental protection, energy conservation and sustainable development.