A Solvent-free Spraying Phosphor Silicone with Ultra-low Viscosity for LED Packaging

  The Company's entry product is a solvent-free spraying phosphor silicone with ultra-low viscosity applied to the LED package. It is well known that 6 Series Silicone mixed with solvent and phosphor is the traditional spraying phosphor process. Xylene is used as solvent, which is toxic, stimulating to eyes and upper respiratory, narcotic effect on the central nervous system when in high concentration, and carcinogenic under long-term exposure environment. However, without using a solvent, it cannot be atomized spray since the viscosity is high. In order to protect the equipment, large amounts of solvent is used to clean after spraying, which is harmful to humans and the environment and more likely to cause a fire or explosion. Compared to this complex process, our product is a two-part heat-cured silicone with a high refractive index of 1.52. The A / B composition ratio is 10:1 and the appearance is colorless transparent to light yellow transparent, the main product’s feature are that viscosity is only 100mPa•s after mixed and hardness is D40 after cured. Due to the low viscosity, atomized spraying can be achieved after mixed with phosphor without adding solvent, which is not only non-toxic to humans, harmless, safe and no pollution to environment but also simplifies the powder blending process, meeting the concept of energy conservation and sustainable development.