high power SMD(surface-mount device) Leadframe

Year 2012 was the leading year for the LED Lighting Products. With integrating Energy Saving and Carbon reduction by Green Engineering concept, LED lighting products gradually migrated from outdoor lighting products towards the Interior Lighting Market. Especially with the global awareness of energy crisis and rise of resources demand, many governments are seeking alternative sources to reduce energy consumptions, with the notion of “Creating New Sources, and Cutting Expenditures”, LED became the best delegate for energy saving and carbon reduction.
Within next 5 years, there will be a burst growth in demand as well as developments in global LED Lighting Market. To encourage and to meet the market expectation, many countries have already released many incentive programs. Furthermore, in order to share the growth and potential market shares, companies are developing various solutions to improve their own product lines. One of such is to increasing and enhancing the LED brightness. However, due to the natural characteristic of the LED’s Thermal Dissipation problem, caused by the heat generation which will reduce the life expectance of LED elements, it is a MUST resolve issue and further solutions are needed. The product in state is to improve the cooling efficiency for LED components.
Recent Market trends for LEDs are towards higher power demand. With the basic LED’s four elements: Optics, Mechanical Parts, Electro, and Heat Dissipation; entire supply chain are investing a lot of resources and development for improving the cooling efficiency for LED components. It is the current must solve bottleneck to the Product, therefore, the current participating product is derived by this cooling demand application.
The foundation materials for the LED components are: Die Chip, Silver Colloidal, Insulation paste, Zener, Phosphor, Leadframe, Gold Wire, and Packaging Dispensing Materials (Epoxy / Silicone). There are growing demands for cooling solutions or heat-resistant materials from the upper-stream supply chains in LED industry; the focus point of the participating product is for the LED Leadframe component cooling efficiency.