An UV resistance silicone for LED UV packaging

   Our Company's entry product is an UV resistance silicone for LED UV packaging. The unique nature is that it is a two-part heat-cured silicone with a mixed viscosity 3,000 mPa • s , a refractive index of 1.41 and a hardness of A75 after cured. The appearance of both Patr A and Part B are colorless and transparent. The product applied to the LED package shows some excellent performances such as good adhesive force, high light transmittance (%, 1mm @ 450nm) of 98%), effective anti-UV damage and greatly preventing the luminous brightness recession. No phenomenon of yellowing, cracking, wrinkling and brittlement can be observed when in the condition of a 20W COB (chip wavelength of 400nm, wattage 1W) continuous lighted for 1000h.