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New Taipei City Civic Plaza is most well-knownfor its Christmas tree which also serves as the city’s landmark. In December 2012, Glittering Newly had the opportunity to decorate the country’s highest, most gorgeous and distinctive Christmas tree for its main event. The tree stands at a total height of 35 meters and by using high speed video processing chip devices within each light source, movie files can be implemented through the TTL signal transmission. By doing so, video files can be quickly displayed onto the structure and surrounding lights can be manipulated by a DMX Controller.
This technique changes the perception of what a traditional Christmas light show is, as the performance is brought to life through elements of lights, music and video display.
When the project was completed and presented during Christmas, the main event had more than a million people in attendance. The Christmas tree light show received high praises and drew out multiple large advertising and film companies to do photo and video shoots. The artwork also promoted the importance of energy conservation and environmental protection. Besides the light tubes that were attached to the original structure, no additional light sources were used to help reduce the waste of resources. The light tubes are made of waterproof materials and areeasy to install and dismantle; it is alsoversatile as it can be assembled for many other applications. The light source is made of SMD chips which helps to save energy and power, while still promoting high brightness.