SWEEO LED Street Lighting

The LED lighting lamp design is based on product benefits of energy-saving, long lifespan, high luminous efficiency, visual comfort performance, elegant shape…etc. The lighting lamp as outdoor LED illuminator being designed to cope with any harsh weather conditions could be, has some product features, including luminous flux 820 lm ( 9.1W / 100V), illumination efficiency >90 lm / W, color rendering index (Ra) >70, JIS / SES / RoHS compliant (with optical components by self-designed and verification), type of protection IP 65, operating temperature range -10~40 °C, dielectric strength IEC 4KV, power factor (PF) >0.95, integrated optical sensor, lifespan >60,000 hours, 5-year parts and labor guarantee, convenient design to replace the traditional lamps, quick and simple installation, energy saving and safety.

The most important of all, it is not only to reduce the probability of criminal behavior, but also to deter criminal activity with preventing beforehand and testifying afterward. The LED lighting lamp with a color temperature of 5000K similar to daylight can offer strain illuminated identification in order to recognize object clearly and identify the criminal afterward. It’s useful in recognizing the object as a valid evidence in court without any misinterpretation of color information or confusion of identification caused by color deviation.

Compared to the traditional mercury lamp, our design has some product benefits of low maintenance, durable replacement, saving energy about 62% above per year (60kwh) because of having long lifespan.
Considering of construction safety, the lighting lamp is designed with strong structure enough to withstand the weight about 75 kg in order to prevent fall accidents from the improper construction or climbing. It’s indeed a optimal LED street lighting lamp with energy-saving, long lifespan, environmental friendly.