Double reflection cup

1, Energy saving: consume only 20% of power to achieve same light output as halogen lamp did
2, Long life: LED lamps can work 40,000 hours that’s 20 times vs. That of halogen lamp
3, New optical design, lighting effects is better than halogen lamps (multi-reflective surface design make light emitted more soft)
4, Compact lightweight design, more cost-effective( performance is more prominent with the same appearance)
5, Open cooling structure, makes excellent heat dissipation ( the light source is directly exposed to the air)
6, Dual reflector cup design, the bright spot is more prominent ( more lux highlighting the object)
7, LED cool light source, heat is only 1/4 of the halogen lamp.
8, there’s on ultraviolet such harmful rays, no harm to the human body, protect human eyesight.
9, no pollutants and radioactive substances, environmental protection, and does not cause any harm to the environment