Candle lamp

1, Compatible: it can fully match the light base of incandescent bulbs, no need for modification.
2, Long lasting: its life span is 20 times longer than incandescent.
3, Low power consumption: it only consumes one-tenth power of incandescent
4, Fast responding: normally 10-7—10-9s
5, Enduring: no filament, good vibration resistance.
6, No light spot, no ghosting, no glare, flat light source, high brightness, low light failure, high quality
7, Unbreakable, anti-UV, anti-aging thanks to the choice of high-quality imported transparent PC material
8, Harmless: LED lights do not emit harmful rays such as ultraviolet, are safe to the human body and protect human vision.
9, Environment-friendly: LED lights do not produce polluting or radioactive substances. They are totally green and harmless to the environment.