LatticePower's 4545 silicon-substrate blue LED chips combine highly efficient epitaxial GaN with proprietary silicon-substrate chip technology.The Si LED chips can generateblue light power up to 600mW after encapsulation, with cool white luminous efficiency of 130lm/W. The chips feature vertical structure、lower forward voltage and a lambertian radiation pattern. The silicon-substrate LEDs are die attachable with silver epoxy, solder paste, as well as flux eutectic method. These LEDs can maximize light extraction and efficiency with wide applications in indoor/outdoor lighting, portable illumination, and flash light. The 4545 silicon-substrate LED chip has the following characteristics: 1、Ag reflection electrode, better current dispersion, overdrive.2、Better heat dissipation than sapphire. 3、Lambertian radiation pattern, easier secondary distribution of light.4、Less wire, high reliability. 5、Silver epoxy, solder paste or flux eutectic attachable.6、Operates at 700mA.