LIGHTING PASSPORT ,100% developed by ASENSETEK ,is the first wireless spectrometer in the world that works seamlessly with your smart handheld devices. It is originally designed for the lighting market.
With integrating the microminiaturization technology from ASENSETEK, LIGHTING PASSPORT can be easily combined with smart handheld devices (such as smart phones, tablet PCs, iPod Touch, etc.) into a slim and compact size. With exclusive use of the software/app SPECTRUM GENIUS, LIGHTING PASSPORT can be an efficient communication tool for marketing & promotion, quality assurance, procurement, production, product design of LED lighting , and extend the application to plant lighting, medical lighting, and so on.
Owning a LIGHTING PASSPORT, it also on behalf of the real-time accurate measurement, parameters comparison and display lighting color parameters.
Everyone in lighting industry deserves one.

1)Compact design: 54x68x17 mm3, about 75g.
2)Flexibility: Can be used with different accessories for different usage situation.
3)Remote control: it uses the latest Bluetooth technology to complete the data transmission,
4)High integration: the standard edition of LIGHTING PASSPORT can wear different mobile devices with a flexible fixture. The flagship version is more perfectly integrated with iPod touch 5th.
5)Application scalability: for different fields and requirements in the future, APP will be developed into different applications to enable the LIGHTING PASSPORT to be a high extension platform