Portable Spectrometer with Display

MR-16 portable light meter is the first CCD spectrometer in the world which is not only portable light and color meter but also free from connecting with computer.
This MR-16 potable light spectrometer can capture any visible light source and to operate the device through touch panel instinctively, instant spectrum and data available. For example: Spectrum, CIE1931(x,y), CIE1976(u’,v’), Color Temperature, CRI, CRI-R1~R15/Ra, Purity, FWHM, Luminous Flux(lumen), VIS Radiation Power, Light Intensity(cd), Illuminance(lux), DUV…
Several models available, such as PPF and LED BINS.
Micro-spectrometer is the core of portable light meter. Its high stability and accuracy provide diversified application.