Anti-glare LED lamps for courts lighting

In addition to LED source advantages of power saving and long life etc., the hexagonal LED lamps developed by Witslight utilizes the photon recycling technology to increase the luminous flux. Thus the lamp efficiency increases about 20%. Moreover, the design with three pieces of optical diffusers makes the lighting from the LED lamps softer and more uniform. Therefore, the glare issue and the problem of the poor uniformity inside the halls or courts are completely improved. The hexagonal LED lamps will be applied in all of the indoor places with high lighting demands, such as the badminton or table tennis venues with international competition standards.

Witslight LED lamps are designed and integrated by a way of the lighting module. LED source of the lighting module is supplied by the internal brands, such as Cree, Osram and Philips. The quality and reliability of LED source are trustworthy. Meanwhile, the lighting module passes a series of strict reliability processes, for example thermal cycle test, on-off test and on-off test under high humidity &temperature;. And, the ingress protection of the lighting module is up to IP67. Therefore Witslight LED lamps can be applied in various strict and inclement places. In additional, it is worthy to indicate the lift time of Witslight LED lamps is up to 40,000 hrs, and it means the repaired cost is effectively decreased.