1. Features a patented structure that is mounted with replaceable 500W~1000W high-power LED modules with a high rate of luminous efficacy and designed with multiple chips in a single module.

2. Features a large cross section made of an aluminum alloy substrate that’s compatible with high-efficiency heat sink and conductive structures, and that enables the chips to promptly radiateheat and maintain lower temperatures, effectively increasing light extraction efficiency and mitigating chip decay, all features that make the product
more stable, reliable and long lasting.

3. The design is referenced by traditional fishing lamp and is easy to use without any difficulty replacing traditional one.

4. The color or CCT of LED can be customized by the different kinds of fishing attains requirement.

5. The build-in overheat protector can protect the LED from improper circumstances, and the stainless steel
stands with brass cap can protect the glass and the fixture from the impact on the unsteady deck.