CL-C335 Panel Light

1. EPOCH LED panel lights with the edge lighting technique are effective in problems of glare and multi-shadows. To reform glare problems we use specific optic design of light guide plate to make uniform illumination, creating comfortable lighting environment.
2. The diffuser plates not only has diffusible effect but also enhance the illumination level. Particular diffuser plate with bi-function of diffusion and brightness enhancement was used and the whole light appliances are thinner and lighter without any sacrificed of illumination and outward characteristic.
3. EPOCH LED panel lights could be installed easily by users. With the thickness under 12mm, the panel lights can be installed directly on the ceiling and the design of connector is convenience for installation.
4. Except installed on the ceiling directly, the panel can be placed on the T bar, or suspended with accessories. The multi functions enhance the flexibility and satisfy different demands.