LED Down Light-Ultra-slim series

The 6”down light, CL-D060 is designed and manufactured by Epoch Lighting. Using LED as the light source, this product is energy-saving with good light efficiency. The edge-lit technology contains light guide plate to produce uniform lights with 110° bean angle, which not only decreases the glare feeling, but also solves high directivity characteristic of LED.
The elegant outlook of CL-D060 is flexible to merge into different kinds of indoor design style. The thickness of 12W is only 1.9 cm, which saves space and reduces installation limits. Moreover, the LED lifetime reaches 40,000 hours, saving the maintenance manpower and fees.
Down lights can be installed in indoor areas, such as household, business area, office, workshop, lobby, corridor, stairs, etc. The energy-saving, aesthetic, zero-maintenance, glare-free lighting creates comfortable and happiness lighting environment.