UNISTARS High CRI(>95) Multi-CCT LED Emitters

UNISTARS successfully developed Jupiter 5050 high CRI (>95) multi-CCT LED lighting. The device is different from COB package, and the advantages are as follows :
1. Jupiter 5050 is designed in staggered arrays. It means CCT can be dimmed from cool white (5700K) , natural white to warm white (3000K) by the relative strength of the two kinds of color temperature. Especially, high CRI(>95) of the cool white is outstanding technology.
2. It will come with better color temperature adjustment and even light distribution to present no-gapped point light.
3. Jupiter 5050 is certified by RoHS quality test.
4. The product with compact high flux density (140~170lm) and high quality illumination (CRI>95) has various applications on botanical, aquarium, and medical light.