8-foot T8 LED high-efficiency Tube

The Lextar 8-foot (2.4 meter) LED tube provides 40% higher efficiency compared to fluorescent light tube, and is able to achieve light uniformity with linear T8 dimension, making the tube technology a breakthrough in terms of surpassing production, assembly and material restrictions, as well as an appropriate substitute for the traditional 8-foot T8 tube. The new T8 LED tube has a lifespan of 40,000 hours (five times the length of fluorescent lamps), and has a lightweight design to ensure safety, making the technology very suitable for stores, warehousing, bus/train stations, tunnels and other public places that use lighting for long periods of time. The highly energy efficient LED tube will help customers save on maintenance costs and on energy costs. Additionally, the technology is also being set for T10 specifications as well as for GX16 and R17 tube holder for aim at various Japan-, Asia Pacific- and Europe-based markets.