TTH-LED 8.5 W Bulb

TTH-LED has innovated a whole new LED omnidirectional Bulb in Taiwan. Developed and sold in the market in early 2008. “Spherical cover” patent doesn't only look closer to traditional light bulbs, but also breaks through traditional technology limits which bring the beam angle up to 270 degrees with even soft lights. The heat sink develop patent, ”the canals and ditches”, can bring down the LED chip temperature by increasing surface area, therefore, extends the life cycle up to 30,000 hours and above. Since the LED Omnidirectional’s lighting feature are compatible with traditional light bulbs, with a fine lamp, it had won a lot of complements in the hotel industry..
Product feature :
1. Ultrahigh 720 lumens, up tp 85 lm/w luminous efficiency.
2. Super power-saving, power consumption less than 8.5w, save more than 50% electricity.
3. High CRI, RA>80%, compliance with CNS15436.
4. Huge 270° beam angle, suites any lamp in every place.
5. Full voltage (100v-240v), work in any location and every country.