TTH-LED T8 Tube has the unique patent of “Even light effect”. The LED chip’s special arrangement had solved the problems of dark spot on LED Tube. Patent of "heat dissipation function" increases 30% of surface area, which efficiently decreases LED chips’ temperature, and extends it’s life cycle up to 30,000 hours and above.
In order to protect consumer's rights. This product took the leads of passing National Certificate CNS-15438 to ensure the quality and safety. Considering of demands from household to factories. We used design and made in Taiwan’s components, with input voltage of 90V~277V. Makes it acceptable for most of the country, let people all over the world recognize Taiwan’s great quality. Even more, by doing our part to save a better earth for next generations, our LED Tube is made with environmental friendly materials which is recyclable.
Product feature :
1. Ultrahigh 1800 lumens, up tp 95 lm/w luminous efficiency.
2. Super power-saving, power consumption less than 18w, PF > 0.9, save more than 50% electricity.
3. Passed CNS15438, compliance Energy Star.
4. Huge 180° beam angle, suites any lamp in every place.
5. Full voltage (100v-240v), work in any location and every country.
6. Input driver for easy installation. Long lifespan feature is perect for places that’s difficult to maintain.
7. Not dazzling soft and even light without dark spots.