LED Tube with 270 degree beam angle

■ 270 Degree Beam Angle
■ Luminous Flux: 2200lm (Heat Equilibrium)
■ Luminous Efficiency: 110 lm/W
■ CE certification for EMC & Safety(LVD)
■ Patent Pended Insulation Design
Here comes the very unique LED tube and is with many unique features. And all the design and manufacturing are in Taiwan.
Compare to all the LED tubes (Internal Power) in the market, the LYO tube is with the widest beam angle. And because of it, there is extra 10% luminous flux gained.
So although this tube is using the same LED with other vendors in Taiwan, we can get 10% more luminous flux. Also wide beam angle design can prevent people from feeling harsh for their eye. And the light looks brilliant beautiful and almost the same with traditional fluorescent tube.
And the tube also is using a unique patent design for the insulation. So it can pass safety test and get CE certification (EMC & Safety) with non-isolation power module at very low cost.
We always want to design a tube which is extremely close to traditional tube at very low cost. And then people can afford to buy it to saving the energy.