LEDinside has prepared 29 LED awards, covering upstream to downstream LED fields and fulfilling the needs of the LED industry players.

Registration and submission of products (2012/11/1 – 2013/4/30 )

Testing ; Judging process (2013/5/1 – 2013/5/30 )

Winner list announced and award ceremony (2013/6/10)

Submission of products

To: LEDinside Aurora Award 2013
Contact person: Ivan Lin
Address: 4F, No. 68, Sec. 3, Nanjing E. Rd., Taipei, 104, Taiwan

1. Submitted products can only be LED light bulbs (40W and 60W equivalent LED bulbs). 
2. Registration and submission of the LED light bulb, including pictures, specification and sample products must be received before 2013/4/30. 
3. Sample products MUST have it entry name and company information firmly printed on its packaging 
4. All products cannot be returned once submitted.